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The Journey of WhatsApp

Whatsapp Messenger : WhatsApp a texts exchange messenging application that is all inclusive and in-news nowadays, because of its “free usage” and simple to utilize highlights. This is the most user-friendly and simply-accessible interface every created which is interesting for about every age-group.

The Facts about Whatsapp

Did you know Whatsapp was allegedly at first, made keeping Apple store in mind. It was an interface created for Apple users to exchange messages on a professional terms like BBM is for BlackBerry. Reports, Than it bumped to so much tremendous popularity that came up for about each and every interface making it the “Most Successful App of all time”.

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The journey of whatsapp

Begins the Journey of Whatsapp

All things being in consideration, this article will cover the voyage of “WhatsApp”. How from an application it turned into a comprehensively prevalent application. The journey that will describe that how from a Apple App it grew so much that Facebook was compelled to buy it in a so-amazing price. It is not only the starting or end, Whatsapp is on constant growth of voluminous each and every feature to every extent. Also checkout: Whatsapp for mac os

What is Whatsapp?

WhatsApp is a texting application that uses web and Internet access to exchange the messages. In WhatsApp messages, it can be a content, text, audia, video, Voice note or even a file. For example, Song, Video recording or a photo anything you want to share with your freind is almost possible. You can even send voice note and do voice calling with the assistance of this application.

The Faces Behind Whatsapp

The Founders: WhatsApp wasestablished by Jan Koum. It was Jan whose mind was striked by an amazing conttectin Idea. He wanted to ask “What’s up?” and so that he designed Whatsapp. After that after the huge apple success when Jan decided to launch this App on a bigger scale it was Brian Acton who arrived with Amazing sponsordhip. He even came in the company with some astouding contact so that the App can get a bigger interface for the time.

Though, The application was named “WhatsApp” by Jam Koum on the grounds that as per him it sounded more like ‘What’s up’. It has a steady number of 700-800 million users that are constantly exchanging messages and making a conversation with their loved ones or on a professional scale. The organization which deals with this is situated in Mountain view, California.

Amid the starting stages when Jan left his organization being a Yahoo emplyess and put his time in making WhatsApp, He was all frustrated because at the starting phases it used to crash the moment he ran the code. He very nearly lost trust, confidence and all power in making it to different interfaces, yet then Brian Acton came and supported him, amazed him with the sponsorship, great educated individuals who were professional for this came and designed the whole App interface and we can see the outcomes now. 

All things considered, where there is a will there is a way. 

The Messaging App 

In the WhatsApp rendition 2.0 (The First Version of the App) each time a client would change his Whatsapp status the whole contacts in his system would get a notice about it. The thought of pop notifications was purely from Apple but was reinvented in a more classy and good way which tempted and comforted more audience.

When the WhatsApp was just launched, its total active users jut instantly knocked up to straightforwardly “25,000” in a little and very short span of time while it was just for Apple. 
To stay away from going viral it was immediately changed to a “Paid Application” to carry off the essential expense which was obviously consumed in sending the messages to the other persona nd it stopped growing aggressively, That time Jam was not capable of holding such a big population online on the App. Later, when it got capable and relaunched itself and then swelled to new hikes in the area.

After getting on the available list of Apple app store, it was made then made available on BlackBerry in just a time gap of  2 months. New features were added in WhatsApp making it grow more user-accessible and friendly. Previously, Whatsapp could only share picture that too very slow. 

Those time then changed and with the span of time and Whatsappp became a full-fledged platform of sharing audios, voice notes and video. And the time after which Whatsapp introduced the voice note feature gave it for the very first time in the Galaxy series of Samsung. 
Now that, WhatsApp introduced a very recent feature in the row that was by providing voice calling to the users..

 The Last Throw :

And WhatsApp is not only limited to smartphones for now it has moved to a Big spell of Chrome. In the late of January 2015, WhatsApp was made available for web browsers. Even the web application requires an internet connection for its functioning though and the Mobile phones needs to be connected to the internet as well.

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The Milestones of Whatsapp: 

In beginning time of the early time of January 2015, WhatsApp came to another breakthrough creating a milestone with more than 700 million dynamic users who were one or the other time actively available and 300 million messages being traded once a day exchanged every other day.

What’s more, WhatsApp is presently aquired and shifter under the brand label of by Facebook. The arrangement of the whole deal was marked for whooping “U.S. $19 million”.

Whatsapp is expanding the user experience step by step without a doubt and making individuals yet more addictive to the App.

Be Glad and Enjoy Whatsapp’ing!

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