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Debate: Text Messaging Vs WhatsApp Messenger

With WhatsApp having taken over all the lovely souls, nobody uses messages these days! And why will they. WhatsApp is way more cheap than the text messaging. All you need is a net connection, and you’re working perfectly fine!

Everyone’s using two kinds of services these days. Namely, embedded clients. What are they? Well, they are among the applications you use everyday. For example,WeChat, Viber, etc. The other kind is a Clientless Platform. These are such that they are to be  used via network by connection to the internet IM service. Basically,these are those which dont need any kind of downloads to be done. You just need to use it and close when you’re done. Simple!

Debate: Text Messaging Vs WhatsApp Messenger

Text Messaging Vs WhatsApp Messenger : Pros and Cons

Now why am i telling you all this? Because, we are here to discuss about the pros and cons for both SMS and WhatsApp! WhatsApp remains to be the winner in terms of IM services. Always will be. Obviously! After all,its now with Facebook. The combination is likely to be deadly!
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Messaging these days is limited. Not to forget how TRAI has imposed such strict rules. But WhatsApp is an unlimited source of chatting. The different net packs, and the different speed, 2G or 4G or 3G, gives you choice as well. Messaging? Well, never mind!

How can we forget how tedious messaging these days is. Come on, after WhatsApp and Facebook,without emoticons, chatting is no fun. Messages are limited to just those stupid brackets, and colons! No fun its.

Do we even need to make a score board, and count how many advantages and better things WhatsApp has over text messaging? The uses are many, and uselessness is none! Text messaging can be of help only when you’re stuck somewhere with no net connection, or some kind of emergency, obviously with a good network. Also,WhatsApping is a problem only when the person you wish to talk to doesn’t have it,or has a poor sense of network! Otherwise, WhatsApp has to be the best!

WhatsApp feels more close. It feels more than just virtually talking to someone. When you know the other person is listening, when you can see that he is typing, its a little better. Not to forget the voice clips. And now, it lets you call too! What else do you need? Video conversations? Hold your breaths,its lined up as well.

And then there’s text messaging on the other hand. There’s so little to talk about it. Now, text messaging is like dinosaurs, extinct! *winks*

Everyone’s only concerned about social networks and the applications on the phone!  And there we go! WhatsApp, the winner of all times. Its gradually taking over. One fine day, it will be just like the kind of the forest, who knows!

In the coming days, we can expect to read about text messaging only in books! Or may be we dont ever see it there 😉 

Well, WhatsApp has been growing ever since, and it has taken over. Other applications somehow seem to fight for their places, but in vain! After all, WhatsApp will remain!

Whatsapp will be launching tremendous update for upcoming smartphones like galaxy s7, htc m10 etc

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