Solarmovie – Watch Free Movies Online & It’s Best Alternatives


A balanced lifestyle constitutes of many things, break and leisure time is one big aspect of that, the break is needed in pretty much every phase of our lives. After the invention of television, watching content on our TVs is one of the most preferred choices of leisure for most people, and one of the biggest reasons behind that is TV content is served straight to the viewer and it’s up to the viewer whether he wants to see the content or not. Now you can use Solarmovie to watch your favorite content at any time.


From the onset of the 21st century and due to the boom of internet several websites have emerged which deliver the best shows, movies or events which were generally only available in selected TV channels straight to you through the medium of internet.

And one of the most famous and widely used examples of that is solar movies, well chances are high that you have already heard about solarmovies, it was an immensely popular streaming website where you can find pretty much every movie, TV series or animes and that too absolutely free.

Solarmovie had an awesome user interface where even a child can glide through the website,
the streaming speed is also exceptionally good. The experiences watching any content is truly awesome as there are no disturbing advertisements or pop-ups.

Here is the link to Solarmovie original site.

Best Solarmovie Alternatives:

Nowadays pretty much everyone has a good internet connection and smart devices and that’s the reason there is a huge demand for content , so we will go through some of the best alternatives of solarmovies where you can watch your favorite movies or TV shows, although it’s impossible to beat solarmovie in terms of its features and reliability till then we have look for other alternatives which can serve the purpose .

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Fmovies Is one of the best Solar Movie Alternative Website.

The first and yet one of the most popular alternatives of solarmovies is FMovies,
just like solarmovie you can stream TV shows and movies of different genres and regions. Its User interface is quite easy to use and sorts the content into several sectors so that it is easy for the viewer, there are several categories such as action, comedy, drama horror etc.

fmovies solar movie alternative

There is a “most watched” section and as well as the A-Z list so that you can search for your desired content in a breeze.

The amount of content and the diversity is truly staggering. The website does have some advertisements but that doesn’t interfere in the viewing experience.

We would recommend you to give it a try, it’s truly an awesome website that delivers on the promises. Who knows this can be the next go-to streaming site for you.


Movie watcher

Next in line of Solarmovie alternatives is Movie watcher, this site also has a plethora of features just like solarmovie and it is also available for free.
The streaming speed is also good, so if you have a good internet connection when watching content on this website is going to be great.

moviewatcher solarmovie alternative

From old school movies to recently released TV shows you can get it all, the collection is truly huge and diverse. There are several tabs available for easy navigation and search of your desired content, a search option is also available so that you can search for a particular movie or TV series.

The interface is also nicely designed and there are no disturbing advertisements during the streaming session, the only thing which makes it a bit complex is that you have to create a free account for yourself and then use the website while you are logged in.

We would suggest you check it out once, you won’t be disappointed.



If the above two websites were not able to impress you then this one has a high probability of doing so.
PrimeWire is a free to use website which allows you to stream your favorite content straight from the comfort of your house.

primewire solarmovie alternative

The UI is not as polished as solar movies or the above-mentioned alternatives but the one thing which is going for this is the huge collection of movies and TV shows it offers.

In the home page, the recent movies are listed and there are several tabs available for easy navigation, a search bar is also present so that you can search for a specific movie or TV show rather than searching for it in different genres.
Just like Movie watcher in primewire also you have to create an account which is available absolutely for free, just enter some basic details and you are good to go.

Check it out once if possible, the odds of you liking is website is pretty high.



Watchmoviesfree is another alternative of solarmovies which allows you to watch your favorite movie or TV shows absolutely for free.


The amount of content available and the sheer diversity is huge, and a huge plus point of this website is that it allows you to stream content without the creation of an account or a profile.

You just have to find your TV show or movie, get some popcorn and enjoy!

It’s that simple, the user interface is nicely designed and easy to use. The content is divided into several sectors such as horror, sci-fi, comedy etc a search bar is also available which is extremely handy in some situations. All in all, this is one great website for streaming content online and we would highly recommend it.



The next website on our list and truly a great alternative to solarmovies is movies123,

It has a huge collection of movies, Tv shows, and animes, so it is quite convenient to search for your desired content. The User interface is quite brilliantly designed and you also have an option to request your choice of content which may not be available on the website.


There are different tabs for ease of navigation and in the genre section, there are a plethora of options such as comedy, horror, sci-fi etc.

There is just so much content to choose from, the streaming quality is also very good and there are hardly any advertisements available on the website.

So, if you want an elegant website which will handle all your online media consumption need then this is one of the best options and thus it is highly recommended from our side.


This is again a worthy alternative of solarmovies just like the other websites mentioned in this list, or more commonly known as yify is a very popular and reliable destination for streaming movies, yes only movies are available on yify which can be one of the major cons of yifi but the pros it has up its sleeve easily overshadows the con.

The User interface is quite unique and is designed well, there is a search bar with a genre tab and a year tab, so it’s super easy to search for your desired movie.
There are several other options such as “popular this week” and “popular right now” which makes the experience extremely convenient. There are no annoying advertisements or pop-ups and no need of logging in or signing up which enhances the user interface.

So, If you need a website which is super easy to use and you mostly stream movies then this website is tailored made for you, but if you are more into Tv shows and animes then the other websites which are mentioned in this article will do the job for you.

In any case, do check this website out at least once.


Those were all the alternatives to solarmovies which we feel are worth your time and attention, pretty much all the websites mentioned in this list have superior streaming quality, marginal to zero advertisements or pop-ups, simple user interface and a huge collection of movies, TV shows, and animes and are ultimately free to use.

Go through them and select the one which suits you the best we assure you won’t miss the services of solarmovies anytime soon.