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Hacks To Increase Social Media Engagement

As a blogger, you would be aware of Social bookmarking sites but most of us didn’t aware of its potential. We think social bookmarking sites are places where we can submit links for getting quality, high PR backlinks. But you know what if we use these sites with little knowledge about its Algorithm, you drive tons of traffic from these sites.

Hacks To Increase Social Media Engagement
Social bookmarking sites are designed in such a way, when a link get more votes it will be promoted to front page of the site. If you got into front page, you are done..!! You will get lot of visitors, comments etc. Getting to front page is not that much easy, it need some work. Now I am gonna share some tips to move your links to front page.

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1) Grab attention with title:
Most of your links are not noticed by users right? Because your titles are not catchy. Make unique title which should tempt users to click on it. Titles are most important because users are going to read only titles. If your title won user then he will read your article else he will move on.
Creating awesome title is not tougher too. There are lot of post title generator available in internet and I personally use Seopressor title generator but you should make some changes to make it unique. Call to action and how to titles work great in social bookmarks.
2) Crisp and informative description:
Most of the sites display description below the post title. Make description short but more informative, it should describe what the post is about. Description is not only important for social bookmarks, you should also write best meta description for your search results too.
3) Content is king:
As usual, “Content is king” more the quality of post more exposure you will get. Even your title and description attaracts users if there is nothing in your post then it will be worth nothing. Keep the quality throughout the post. If you give solution to users problem or provide useful tips which will help them then they will surely appreciate you by voting, automatically your content will be moved to top.

4) Know time to submit:
Don’t submit your post whenever you feel free. Keeping a eye on posting time is important. If you submit your post when your friends are not available would dump your post. So find better time for submission to get more votes.
Also the nature of posts too play a role. If you post about India’s last year election today then no one will be interested on reading it. Submit posts on timely manner don’t delay submission about sensational or news posts.

5) Categorise perfectly:
Category and tags makes it easy for readers to find articles they are interested about. Submit posts with correct category and tags. If you submit your post under wrong category then your post will shown to readers who are not interested aboyt your topics, so they can even downvote your posts.
6) Keep your profile clean:
Build profiles in sites which some personal informations like place you are from, your interests etc. Which will help your new friends to interact with you easily. Also better the profile, more chances to read your content.
Don’t dump your profile with only links which will make your profile to look spammy and ugly. Share some interesting news or some image articles which will reach more audience.
7) Add social sharing buttons:
Even if you don’t want to work with social bookmarking sites, add some popular bookmarking site’s sharing buttons which will give chance to your readers who want to share your content in their profile by which you will get free backlinks and traffic.
Concentrate on these tips while submitting your next links in sites. Are you already involved in bookmarking? Tell us which site brings you more traffic through comments.

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