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How To Bypass ISP Block & Access Blocked Sites

how to bypass ISP block

Annoyed of restrictions & bans over tons of tons of awesome sites which were great sources ?

Shit happens they are always kinda annoying & governments are consistently giving orders for ISP’s to block sites related to (piracy, warez, torrents, download). Are you been worried about it ? Are you seeking any solution for it ?  there are many solutions for getting access to bypass ISP blocked websites but here we have an easy solution to bypass ISP block and surf the blocked websites without any hassle.

Let me not bore you with my stupid introduction now let me cut the chase so the easy and simplest solution for accessing ISP blocked sites is by surfing through Tor browser ⬅ download from here

Tor browser

What is Tor?

Tor is free software and an open network which helps you to browse anonymously without getting tracked by location (or) cookies and help you surf the ISP blocked sites too

Anonymity matters

Tor protects you by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world and it also prevents from somebody who is watching your Internet connection from learning what sites you visit, and then it prevents the websites you’ve visit from learning your physical location.

What’s the best part about TOR

  • Tor is free
  • Tor is light
  • Browser periodically clears footprints
  • Distributed circuit
  • Anonymous network

How Tor Works:


I hope this tutorial was helpful. do share this on your social media profiles to make others get benefited out of you. if you’ve any doubts or suggestions feel free to comment below


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