Download Whatsapp Prime APK For Android [LATEST VERSION 1.3]

Hope you know what is whatsapp prime but anyway I will share some basic information about whatsapp prime apk first, because it will let others know what exactly it is then I will share what kind of benefits and advantages does it have over the one at play store right now.

So usually whenever, a new whatsapp update is released on playstore it comes with same old things like some basic material design enhancements with some fancy new emoticons but this time whatsapp come up with some new kickass features that makes the application way more user-friendly and it’s giving you more accessibility to much more stuffs and it’s termed as Whatsapp Prime which is available for android users only for now.

Download Whatsapp Prime APK For Android

Whatsapp prime apk

Humans basically love changes and something innovatively useful right  ?
Everyone loves to tryout new features and if we are talking about whatsapp then especially users are pretty much interested to test new features out there added in this whatsapp prime app.

Whatsapp Prime has been already been leaked out in the internet so we have provided the download link of it at the end of the post and it’s only available for android then after all it’s completely free of cost, so feel free to try it out and I would say it’s pretty much awesome and a way more cool.

So what’s hot about Whatsapp prime ?

WhatsApp Prime is the application which allows you to generate and share your whatsapp group links to others. Nowadays many peoples are joining on public (or) 3rd party whatsapp groups just to grasp some knowledge or news for a particular topic. So the people who want to join on public groups really are not feeling safe to reveal their phone numbers to others for the purpose of adding them instead this app can be used for this purpose. Whatsapp prime will allow you to join by group invitation links like we do on facebook and whatsapp prime will also allow you to generate invitation links for your own groups which you can send it to anyone who are interested in joining your group. Then this way whatsapp prime apk breaks a huge difficulty and pain of managing whatsapp groups for adding one person we usually got to add one’s number first in contacts and then manually adding them into groups now you don’t need to suffer from that bullshit process. Whatsapp prime saves time, privacy and it helps to reduce clutter in contacts list. Whatsapp prime is not only limited to this feature it also has some kick ass features which I will share right below.

Whatsapp Prime Features:

  • You are allowed to mute conversations for forever (or) even extend the conversations.
  • Media share limit is extended up to 300 and previously it was only 10.
  • Media caption limit is also increased to 4000 Characters.
  • Image quality is increased from 80% to 100%.
  • Fixed some bugs and crashes issues.
  • Video calling feature is added
  • Multicast feature is added
  • 2 Step authentication added
  • Doodle feature is added
  • Application size was made light decreased to 15 MB
  • They’ve removed unnecessary elements and stuffs it made it consume less resources
  • Videos sharing size is also increased from 16 MB to 70 MB.
  • Background APK downloads or updates are disabled.
  • Enhanced material design and new emoticons set.
  • Given more priorities and access like you can disable reply to your messages
  • Last but not least. It’s providing an additional anti-ban feature so, you don’t really need to worry about ban issues.

Note: It has lot more features but I don’t want to make this post a way more lengthier because it might bore and I hope you’ll be able to experience other awesome features which I’ve not mentioned here by trying out whatsapp prime app yourself

Download Whatsapp Prime APK file

Here I’ve shared two download links for whatsapp prime apk application. If one download link is broken you can try downloading from the second mirror link

Your android device version must be 4.0 (or) above then only the app will be compatible for you, It’s really not necessary to root your device to try out whatsapp prime apk. You should uninstall the previous whatsapp application which you’ve downloaded and installed from playstore then clear cache files with CCleaner app.

If you want your old messages then backup messages before you delete whatsapp, it’s really easy open whatsapp go to settings>chats>backup and backup your chats that’s all.

Make sure you’ve enabled the option called allow “unknown sources” in settings as shown in image right below

whatsapp prime settings unknown sources

 Now install whatsapp prime apk. It will ask you to register account as usual I assume that you know to add your phone number and verify OTP so I don’t want to explain such basic stuff and bore you.
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So how to send whatsapp group invitation link with whatsapp prime?

  • So by now I assume you’ve downloaded and correctly installed whatsapp prime app
  • Fine now, Open the whatsapp prime app
  • Head over to your group in which you are the admin.
  • Click on “Add Participant” Button over there.
  • Now you’ll be able to see an option called “Invite Members by link” just click on it.
  • Now whatsapp prime app will generate a link for your group
  • Copy your group link and share it with people who are interested in joining your group

You’re done with my blog post about whatsapp prime app:

Now if you’ve any suggestions, doubts (or) any kind of questions in your mind do feel free to blast them through the comment section right below and if you think this post was useful and it’s worth reading atleast once then feel free to share it on your social media profile it helps other people to get benefited out of our guide.