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ContentMart — Best Platform To Demand High Quality Content !

Introducing ContentMart —  All-In-One Content Freelancing Platform

contentmart review

I know how difficult it is to manage our precious time and consistently updating our blogs with top notch trending topics but probably most of them don’t have the time and energy to keep on writing and writing over and over again. I myself feel so tiring and monotonous to write on my leisure time. Skipping my leisure time on regular basis will surely lead to increase in stress. You know crafting high quality content is time consuming and hiring virtual assistants might screw you with high expenditure and you have no idea about his writing skills. that’s the worst part.
clients will have to look everywhere for finding quality content writing services. If content writing platform is your cup of tea then contentmart is the way to go. there are not much sites which are provide transparent billing methods and high quality content delivery services is not easy. so if you’re looking for a content writing platform from where you can outsource your complete needs for content to your websites then you are at the right place.

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How great would it be, if we can outsource some high quality writing work at affordable prices ?
Yes, Its really possible with a platform called “contentmart

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Using Contentmart, you can get writers for various languages. have a look at this

ContentMart Languages


Let words speak for you!

See how words do all the magic! Get impressive writing pieces done strategically manned by ContentMart professionals! Fuel yourself with top-notch quality content

Verified Writers

Access hundreds of hand-picked writers having reviewed samples, endorsements, certifications and expertise badges earned delivering the quality corporates demand.

100% Safe & Secure

Contentmarts hold your money back till you say a yes to the quality! All your money is secure and accounted for behind one secure account. Contentmart helps protect buyers, sellers, businesses and payment methods of any favour

Contentmart is the way to go. Its a den for freelance content writers. Its such an active and high quality network. Contentmart is an awesome marketplace to hire qualified high quality writers for any writing job. Its not just limited to blog or content writing but you can also hire professional legit writers who can write a sales letter, service letter, custom business template almost anything which comes under writing. Here is an image showing how contentmart works

see how contentmart works

Get started with Contentmart as a  client or a freelance writer is pretty much an easy task. It’s free to join & you can get started as soon as you join (instantly). Click here to register !!! Fill ’em out

contentmart registeration

Then you’re done with registration 🙂 Now you would’ve received a account confirmation mail just verify your account. Then all set to go.

See how to publish your first project at contentmart effectively

contentmart order

Hope the above image is crystal clear explaining how to fill the stuff for your project, here comes its continuation watch carefully
contentmart order

Going with 0.50 per word is kinda fair don’t expect someone to write below the cost 😉 if you don’t satisfied with the quality can cancel the deal too 😉 your money won’t go vain. Contentmart provides live chat feature you can talk with content writing freelancers.

Within 24 hours, You will be seeing freelancers bids for your project and its 100% transparent you can see all important details of the bidders such as:

  • Profile of the bidders
  • Reviews received by bidders for their previous projects
  • You can chat with the bidders and also ask for more stuff before handing over the project to that person.
  • After deciding to whom your going to work with, simply with a click the project will be sent the freelancer. You also have the freedom to chat with any freelancer before awarding the project.

Before providing a project to a freelancer you must have balance in your contentmart, its damn easy to deposit cash in your contentmart account 😉

contentmart deposit

They provide 3 reliable payment methods for now:

  • Card NetBanking
  • PayTm
  • Direct Bank Transfer
After adding funds in your contentmart account, you can go back to order page and provide the project to the bidder whom you wanted to work with.

Wrapping it up:

Contentmart is an awesome platform to hire highly talented writers. You can utilize this platform to get creative & quality writing work. they encourage engagement among writers, this is one of the topnotch marketplace to hire writers. Give it a short as a client or as a freelancer. Share your experience and suggestions below about contentmart. I would be glad to hear what you say. If you liked my review on contentmart and if you think its worth a read. Do share it on your social media profiles.


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  9. Haven't had very good experience with ContentMart myself, but I suppose there's always risk involved with hiring freelancers. I have this site to be quite useful in giving an overall impression of different writing services, hope you find it useful.


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