Chitika Ad Network: Best Adsense Alternative [FAIR REVIEW]

CHITIKA Best Adsense Alternative

So let’s first know what is chitika ?

Chitika is a CPC/CPM/CPA AdNetwork ! 

At Chitika, they show banner ads to users when and where they want to see them. It’s one of many things (targeted ads) that set us apart from the approximate competition listed below:

  • network of 350,000+ quality publishers
  • four billion strategically targeted ads served per month
  • Access to top tier advertising partners like Yahoo!, SuperMedia and HomeAdvisor
  • Proprietary targeting and optimization technology that leverages the power of programmatic buying to serve precisely the right ad, at the right time.

Here comes some kind of recommended paragraph to go through:

As a blogger or webmaster getting rightfully approved and publicizing Google ads on your website might not be a dime a dozen for everyone.
literally frequent of the new applications got rejected each day by Google Adsense because they don’t find that glow and spark in your blog which they require.

An another terrifying situation may occur when google tagged you as a victim of breaching their terms and policies and your blog’s synergy get’s ruined permanently with Google as your account got banned by Google Adsense.

Fortunately, if you get to approve an application with Google Adsense by any means and you are not offending any of the google’s policies you have to wait for a long span to get some dollars in your hands.Because you won’t be able to redeem until there is a decent amount of 100$ in your account, additionally you have to wait a couple of months for the redemption of your first payment.

Making money with google is not a piece of cake.Your traffic’s quality CTR percentage must be decent enough along with the quality of your content and  smart ad banners placements.

Google Adsense was always been an apple of my eyes, I had always got a deep enthusiasm to display google ads on my website.But, when i actually started using it I felt it is not easy to cut the mustard with google.I started searching for a good ad network with the following attributes in my mind:

  • It must be trusted.
  • It must have a minimum threshold amount and easy payment methods.
  • It must have a good support system.
  • It must have a delicate amount of advertisers with them.
  • The approval terms and other norms should be flexible.
  • Easy customization of ad banners.
I have tried a dozen of ad networks on my websites and examined the above-mentioned qualities deeply. I have tried Chitika  ad networks as well and found it working well with my blog.

Its very easy to get chitika account approval ;) compared to adsense, Adsense is kind of nightmare level difficulty to get qualified as a publisher for newbie bloggers :(

I have found that Chitika is generating more than any other concern ad networks and the ads were quite good and relevant.So I have decided to keep using Chitika.

I am using Chitika ads along with Google ads on my blog since a couple of months and I am quite satisfied with the revenue it is generating according to my traffic.
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Let me make you familiar with some of it’s features:

Payment Method :

Chitika Payment Methods
Chitika Payment Methods

There are 2 possible payment methods:
  • Paypal
  • Check
I prefer PayPal as my payment method and there are not obstructions and delay with the payment with Paypal from their end.

App Settings :

Chitika App Settings
Chitika App Settings

You can choose whether you want to enable or disable the following additional apps on your domain:-

Linx: Chitika Linx is in-content commercial units that naturally distinguish significant catchphrases on your page to hyperlink (twofold underline)

Hover: These advertisements will float on the base right corner of your site and will stay in the position as your client looks down the page.

Highlight:When one of your site guests needs to duplicate and glue some content on your page, they will be served a notice in light of the essential words that they have highlighted specifically underneath that section of content.

Referral Programmes :

Chitika Referral Programmes
Chitika Referral Programmes
  • Chitika gives you a chance to earn money by inviting your friends to monetize their websites with Chitika using links & ad banners on your website.
  • For every publisher you refer to the Chitika Professional Publisher network who starts running Chitika ads on their site, you will earn 10% of their revenue for 10 months, starting on the date you refer them!
  • Be a part of one of the longest running and most trusted Referrer programs in the market, with over 3,000 current members earning extra cash every month.
  • Get paid faster. Chitika’s Referral program payment threshold is only a $10 minimum for PayPal. That’s $40 less than Infolinks and Kontera.
  • Benefit from Chitika’s Referrer Toolbox Magic! We will provide you with exclusive access to our Referrer Toolbox, filled with engaging banners, buttons and badges, ready to be added to your site right away.

Ads Customization :

Chitika Ads Customization
Chitika Ads Customization
Chitika Ad Banner Size
Chitika Ad Banner Size

You are allowed to customize the text color, link color, background color and button color of your ad banner easily. There are a wide range of banners sizes.

How Much Do I Earn With Chitika :

My Earnings With Chitika
My Earnings With Chitika

I am satisfied with the amount of money Chitika makes for my blog. It is enough according to the traffic of my blog.Chitika’s revenue escalates over the CTR rates along with CPM rates.Sometimes you get’s high revenue and sometimes it gets low as the revenue thoroughly depends on the advertisers of the particular day.

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NB: Neither its paid review nor place any referral links or banners inside this post because we try to make stuffs which are always legit & fair. this post was written with my experience of few years with chitika network. 

Final Verdict:

If you got doomed by google adsense i would strongly recommend you to go with Chitika as an alternative to google Adsense and you can also place Chitika ads on your blog along with google ads to maximize your earnings. its 100% safe they are kind of legit network stands more than a decade. That’s why we recommend you to go with ! Thanks for reading till the end of the post do drop your valuable comments & share the knowledge online ;)