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Top 4 Android Media Player That You Should Try

Android is one of the most used Mobile operating systems. If you are here and reading this article then it means mostly you also use an Android Smartphone. But most Android phone manufacturers customize Android and put a Skin on it with different preloaded Media Players. So, If you do not like media player pre-installed on your Phone then you can install different from Play Store. Here we have listed top 4 Android Media Players that you can use.

best android media players

Here is the list of all those Apps.

We are listing one of the most used and Media Players which has best features that you can get. These media players are free so you can instantly install them on your devices no need to pay for it. Modern Android smartphone and apps have become quite powerful and they can play almost all the file type and Codec. So, You can enjoy all your Videos which are locally stored on your device.

1. AllCast

Now, If you own huge TV in your home and want to watch your locally stored videos on it without connecting it using the micro USB cable. It can cast to any DLNA compliant devices. So, If you have a Roku, Apple TV, Xbox or Chromecast then you can easily cast the content to the big screen using Allcast. You can also make your phone DLNA receiver using AllCast receiver app.
The free version has a 5 minute limit of casting but you can buy the Premium version and cast unlimited amount o time. Try the free version and if it works perfectly with your setup then you can go and buy the premium version of it.

2. Kodi

This one of the best Media player that you can install on your device. It has a very nice user interface and it You can even use a remote to control it. 

Thought it is a great media player it can not be used in normal situations. It is best utilized as a Home Theatre PC software that you. It is designed to be used from a Distance with the remote. You can install it on your Android Box and connect it to your TV and enjoy.
It has a very powerful ecosystem of Add-ons that you can use to customize your experience. If you own a smart TV running on Android then you can easily install kodi on Smart TV from Play Store or sideload APK.

3. BSPlayer

BSPlayer is one of the oldest media player for Android devices. It supports multi-core hardware decoding and Hardware playback. You can also stream content from your Network devices also. You can install the free version but it has Ads. The Free version has all the feature as Premium but if you buy premium then you won’t need to see ads.

4. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player
It is the most used Media Player on Windows devices and now you can use it on your Android devices also. It is an open source project, it can play most media formats as well as network streaming platforms. It can also play DVD ISO files which is a very rare feature in most Android media Players.
Now, the best part of this app is that it is totally free. There is no advertisement and it is developed by volunteers.

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