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Apple Upcoming Devices : iPad Air 3 and iPhone 8

Apple Upcoming Devices : iPad Air 3 and iPhone 8

Both devices of Apple named iPad Air 3 and iPhone 8 are in news and very much trending. It will transform your needs into fulfillment. Apple’s devices are striving to go beyond the customer’s expectations and created them with the hope to provide honest luxury.

Release of iPad Air 3 and iPhone 8

When will iPad Air 3 come out in the market? Then answer is iPad Air 3 is expected to be unveiled in October 2015.

The iPad Air 2 was unveiled on 16 October while iPad Air 1 was released at the start of November. This is Apple’s status of iPad releases. 

When will be iPad Air 3 appeared in the market? There is generally postpond of 10 days between the announcement and the devices release, so you can expect the iPad Air 3 to hit global market in late October 2015 or early November.

iPhone 8 will emerge in the market after long two years. Is it too early to discuss anything about iPhone 8? iPhone 7 did not get any exposure of its appearance while iPhone 8 is letting people to have a close look of appearance. It is creating lot of news and there are many updates about its rumor.

I am even feeling it is too early to talk about iPhone 8 but iPhone 8 is making news so early. In near future you are not going to see iPhone 8. Therefore, we should go with the process. 

The features of ever improving iPad Air 3 and iPhone 8 will surface lot before its release. See what they have to speak about their lies and how much things can be added or subtracted. 

Lot of things about iPad Air 3 talked about but iPhone 8 is also in limelight instead of the fact that you are not going to see it in recent years. 

Take your look at the important and specific features of both devices of Apple iPad Air 3 and iPhone 8. So be happy as you people have lot more options to remain digital. 

Features of Apple iPad Air 3 and Apple iPhone 8

Design of iPad Air 3:

  • iPad Air 2 is extraordinarily slender and we are assuming that same thing will happen with iPad Air 3 or maybe it will be more slender device ever. However, I wonder that people should be extra gentle towards this sophisticated device.
  • While the design of iPhone 8 is little revealed as you can see from its images that iPhone 8 will come with hi-end performance, its look is not emerging as big surprise to us, and its exterior is not having much change.

Processor and performance:

  • If there is iPad Air 2 with new processor chip the A8XA and this has 3 billion transistors which is 40 percent fast in performance than iPad Air 1 so you can measure from this fact that what iPad Air 3 is going to offer to give us more privilege. We cannot stay away from the fact that iPad Air 3 will surprise us with more power in processor and in speed. 
  • While iPhone 7 is so powerful in processor and even iPad Air 3 will give superfast processor and iPhone 8 may offer A9 chip or even it may plan to do wonder, as it will provide us A-class processor chips.
  • iPad Air 3 chip is going to be A9 or an A9X which is at great speed. Needless to wonder for this specific development from iPad Air 3.

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Screen Size:

  • The larger screen will certainly give more fun experience to use iPad Air 3. How can anybody stay away from such bigger screen as I find more interesting to have 9.7 as screen size? We are expecting to have Retina HD designation and the same we will have in iPad Air 3 and even more we can have. 
  • To bear the larger screen we need to have high battery backup. Company needs to be careful in adding more power in battery. Its screen may approach to the 401 ppi, which is really resolution.
  • iPhone 8 will stay with its 6 inches size as iPhone 7 is having a same rumor about its screen size or will iPhone 8 will make you jump with its resolution.

Better Camera:

  • The rear facing (iSight) camera which is covered with 5 MP to 8 MP and new camera features like slo-mo, timer mode, time lapse, burst mode and panoramas upto 43 MP as are great lies which extend its worth.
  • For the amazing low light performance for the better sensor which can create the huge pixels. Apple is focusing because of increasing more MP in camera of iPad Air 3 
  • The camera of iPhone 8 will be amazing on its lens as iPhone 7 is already carrying two-lens system, which supports “DSLR-quality imagery.” Therefore, you can imagine what iPhone 8 will revolve around.
  • It would be so early to predict anything about iPhone 8 has it has limited stuff to reveal if there will be any other info about this phone then you will get soon more info. However, you can measure how robotic iPhone 8 will be as already iPhone 7 is so stubborn to give us best. 

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Face Recognition features:

This aspect is very rare and you generally do not see in phones. Face recognition feature is available in the Camera app. It obtains Touch ID technology and it has in iPad Air 2 so you can expect the upgraded version of this feature in iPad Air 3.

Storage Capacity:

IPad provides various activities for the users like different apps, watching movies etc. If you will not have much storage capacity then this will not support those apps or other activities. It can be upto 16 GB and may be even more.

Apple Pay:

This is very interesting for me and difficult to tackle also. Apple pay is worthwhile online payment service, which gives you utmost paying option in shops through scanning your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus and through touching and fingerprint scanner. 

Release Date:

iPad Air 2 launched on October 2014 and we are predicting the same about this. It means iPad Air 3 will be launched on October 2015. It will unveil to journalists at Apple Cupertino campus in California on 16 October. Obviously, iPad Air 1 was launched on 22 October 2013 and released at the beginning of November. iPad Air 3  will be visible to hit the market of UK  in November early.

The release date of iPhone 8 is so far even it is not visible at least for two years. However, updates are always here whether your device is so near or far in release.


iPad Air 2 UK price was $399 and it is also said that with time iPad Air 2 price will be low upto $80. Obviously, with upgraded lies iPad Air 3 will be more than the latest price of iPad Air 2. Its 16 GB model is around $499 and 64 GB will be $579 and you can get 128 GB with $659.

Final Verdict:

iPhone 8 will take shape in news after few months till then we have workable little info. The upcoming apple products are made with atmost care and sensible works goes in and surely will come with bang. 5 Worst Advice You Follow For Your Smartphone a must read topic. hope you have gained some amount of knowledge about iPad Air 3 and iPhone 8 so do share the post its kind of sharing your knowledge online and drop your valuable piece of comment below.

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