5 Worst Advice You Follow For Your Smartphone


We all do it!

We all follow meaningless advice, either from our friends our family, and sometimes even from some cheap websites, and end up messing something in our life!

The same applies to the smartphones too! We all follow some steps which have no meaning at all, behind which there is no logic, something which can actually harm our smartphone!

There are thousands of so-called “SMARTPHONE GURUS”, giving insanely fake advice to everyone using word of mouth, and we all follow them, thinking that they’re geeks.

Can’t we use our own brains?

Though everything in life doesn’t necessarily need to have a logic, but try to understand mate, why the hell do we follow their advice?

“Oh, come on! I am not smart enough in all these and need someone who can help me out.” – This is what you might feel like saying.

But hey fella! Does that mean you have to follow the advice of the people who don’t even know what should be done and what not?

That’s actually being more foolish!

In this post, I am showing some advice that you will find from the so called “SMARTPHONE GURUS” around, and you probably follow them too!

Fake Advice #1 – “Securing your phone with PIN/password will land you nowhere if you forget it”

This one is the most foolish ever! (and perhaps the most silly too)

Those fake gurus say – “You actually don’t need to secure your phone. Who else is going to sneak in? After all, what if you forget your PIN/password? You will lose all of your data!”

And then, the masses follow this advice, blindly, making their phones prone to any unattended access…..

And the consequence? We all know that!

To all those who are advising such a tip, the only statement I would like to convey is that there exist recovery options to get back access in case we forget the PIN/password.

For instance, if you re-enter your Gmail account password in Android, you can get back access to your smartphone!

Are you getting me?

Fake Advice #2 – “Software updates are meant to consume data”

This one is so silly!

Most companies release OTA (Over The Air) software updates to fix bugs, optimize RAM/battery or 
even to solve a critical issue!

Besides, there are updates for apps too! I bet you still have at least one app pending an update!

We all know they are meant for the betterment of your smartphone, but they are some who believe that it’s nothing but a mere waste of data!

For them, using the smartphone is just for checking messages, social media and a few calls. They don’t want to make the most out of their device!

And since they don’t care much, they don’t value software updates either, and they don’t let you too!
Of course, there are instances where software updates turn the situation even worse, but that’s not the scenario always!

I agree that you might not want to consume excess data, but you should be updating all your apps, at least once a month!

Mark the last date of your month’s calendar to update all the apps on your phone. Believe me, you wouldn’t regret it!

Fake Advice #3 – “You can forget about your phone’s security if you have an antivirus software.”


This one is really really epic!

Your concern leads you to rely on an antivirus software to protect your smartphone from viruses and malware, but you completely neglect the security in the case of installing apps.

Accept this fact – Antivirus is a software – something which can’t think as humans do, and it can’t protect you from all what you do on your device. You need to apply a bit of common sense to assure complete protection.

Actually, YOUR PHONE DOESN’T NEED AN ANTIVIRUS if you know what you’re doing and only install apps from trusted sources.

I don’t have an antivirus on my smartphone since the day I have it, and I don’t regret it at all!

Keep this in your mind, “The only security measure you need for your smartphone is a bit of common sense.”

Fake Advice #4 – “If you find an unprotected Wi-Fi zone, grab it!”

Most smartphone users keep their Wi-Fi on.

And the reason, so that they can grab a free W-Fi zone the moment its under coverage!

Of course, who wouldn’t like to conserve data? But we neglect the consequences behind.

Any information passed through that Wi-Fi network is accessible to all the other devices connected to that zone, and if someone knows how to get the info, he can get it all!

Thus, use a Wi-Fi only if you know its trusted, or even better, never rely on a Wi-Fi connection that’s not yours. Mobile data is cheaper in the long run!

Fake Advice #5 – “Jailbreaking/rooting your smartphone is vital to make the most of your smartphone.”

Oh my God!

Almost everyone in the smartphone world thinks that jailbreaking/rooting your smartphone is the key to unlock the hidden potential of your smartphone.

While the statement is true, but it doesn’t highlight the consequences behind.

Rooting/jailbreaking removes the security restrictions and gives you access to some internal settings which are actually hidden by your manufacturer.

But why do manufacturers hide those settings? Of course they want you to make the most of your smartphone.


Hiding those settings has a purpose. Their exposure can make it easy for viruses to attack your device easily, and sometimes, you can mess things up yourself!

I am not against rooting/jailbreaking, but if you do it, make sure you know what you’re doing!

Are you playing safe?

Oscar Wilde once said, “The only thing to do with advice is to pass it on. It is never of any use to oneself.”

Most people who give advice don’t confirm the facts they speak, and we trust them, blindly

Tech is a topic where there are debates on many issues, it is upto us to decide the best side for us.

While both the sides could have something to say in their favor, you need to go for the one which is the best for you.

For example, rooting is risky for many, but you can go for it if you know how to play safe.