5 Things You Should Think Before Choosing Online Exam Software

Online Exam

5 Things You Should Think Before Choosing Online Exam Software:

Amidst covid19 outbreak, the digital era is flourishing at a rapid pace. Different industries are reaching new heights through online mediums. Right from grocery stores to the medicine delivery to online school software, people are now able to access any damn thing through online medium.

Online Exam
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This practice reduces the spread of corona virus. One such sector is taking exams. In today’s date, students can take exams through an online channel with ease. Numerous institutions are looking forward to developing online exam software so that students can sit anywhere and give exams. 

While planning for the best online examination software, there are different factors to keep in mind. For carrying out the online tests, different supervisors, teachers, etc. plays an important role. All the steps are essential in conducting the online examination step by step. This software must also function with ease so that it helps students and all the professionals involved. It is vital to carry out proper research to understand which online examination system gateway has numerous characteristics to handle online exams with ease.

Gone are the days when institutions used to take exams with pen and paper. It is effortless to carry out tests in a college or other educational institutions through software. The best part of choosing software is the reduction of cutting the trees. Mobile apps can make everything quite simple.

5 Factors to consider for selecting the right online exam software:

Simple to use interface for all teachers and students:

Well, this goes for all the software which are designed for different industries. For conducting exams, the interface must be quick and plain-sailing to operate. It will eventually save time for students. Educational institutes must be able to navigate through the interface in a fraction of seconds. With easy access to the software, students, as well as invigilators, can use the functionalities effortlessly by sitting anywhere.

It just requires functional network connectivity to take up the online exam by students. The cherry on the cake is that every detail of online exam software reaches the cloud platform so that there is no risk of data theft. People using the software will not have to log in to the app whenever they wish to use it.

Simple procedures to carry out the online test by colleges, schools or other educational institutes:

Since this app rolled out for the educational sector industry, teachers and students find the features challenging to grasp. This part can be adequately understood by stepwise instructions that need to be followed by students and teachers about how to attempt the exams. This platform must include various sets of questions for students such as MCQ, objective, skills-oriented, etc.

It all depends on the type of exams that has to be held. The software development must design this software in such a way that institutes and schools can add these sections without any hassle. Moreover, students must be able to access the question paper online in simple ways because there is a time set for completing the test. Accessing the software will enable students to complete the online test paper on time in a few clicks. This is one of the essential features in an online examination system gateway.

The software must be fully scalable:

One of the essential features of this online exam software is that it needs to be scalable to use efficiently through computers. This is software which requires numerous people to work simultaneously by sitting from different corners of the world. In such a scenario, it is more than essential to select the software which will not cause any hindrance in between conducting the online tests for any course. Furthermore, it must also make the use of a high-functionality server that will effectively improvise the scalability of the entire software. Many times, there is downtime.

Due to these reasons, you must know the online test software which will not lead to any discrepancy, and saving exam data is possible. Different students appear for the online test, and so the data of answers must be directly saved as soon students attempt the answers of a particular question.

Invigilating feature must be easy to use:

The primary role in conducting the exams online is of an invigilator. All the answers provided by students must be quickly received by the exam assessing team. Many times, there is cheating in the exams. Invigilators must carefully check this practice. The software must have inbuilt functionality to notice these kinds of issues so that the students who do it can come into notice in the blink of an eye. The best practice to be followed to prevent cheating in an online exam is to make use of webcam, student’s screen sharing option in every second, etc. This will lead to the conduction of online exams ethically without any such issues.

Ease of making the test reports:

One of the best online examination software must have the process of making online test reports of students in a simplified process by the teachers. There must be a feature in the software that will make it easier to check the answer paper of students by professors. Moreover, professors must also be able to form the online exam report of students in just a few clicks.

It will help save the time of lecturers. While selecting the software, you must see the form of reporting that you can choose for conducting the online exam of your college. Different sections must be added to make paper checking simpler, for instance, answer papers can be checked according to the number of students appearing, the number of questions answered by each student, subject wise, etc.

Final Words:

So, it can be concluded that online exam software is a revolutionary technology in the educational sector worldwide. Numerous teachers and students are getting benefited by this software day in and day out. Many educational institutes have begun using this technology trend for their students. If you are running a coaching center, school or college and looking forward to developing this fantastic software then feel free to contact us, and we will assist you further in designing the high-functionality software as per your needs.