May 22, 2016

How To Invite All Your Friends To Like Your Page With 1 CLICK ~ FB TRICKS Episode 1

how to invite all your friends to like your fb page
I know how tiring it is to invite all your friends one by one, Its a frustrating and a boring one. So here I've got a solution for you ;) Hope you will like this one forsure :) I will not bore you with making an intro for this post let's get started now :) This one is so amazing I tested it on my profiles my account is safe and my site link is also not blacklisted ;) I really love using it every week ;) and get some real likes which are worthy

Now first Add Facebook ToolKit Chrome extension

fst chrome extension
After getting it added in your chrome browser restart your browser once and click on the extension at top right and select extraction tools
>> and select ID extractor
fst extraction tool

Now enter your fb page url and click extract ids

extract fb page id

Now your fb page id will get extract all you gotta do now is copy the page id as shown below

extract fb page id

click on the extension button and click on invite friends to like your page as shown below

send facebook invitation
Then paste the copied ID and enter the interval as "0" and your all done now automatically the extension will start sending invitation as shown in the below image

sending invites
This is how I send invites to my buddies in 1 click and this trick is safe and free and never gets patched now enjoy sending facebook page invitation to all your buddies now and do share this post if it helped you I've tried to make this tutorial easy and clear enough by adding necessary screenshot and made this post short and crispy for not boring you and comment below if you have any questions I will be glad to reply :)


Fst is so light and good. Thanks for sharing

It will be very useful if we can invite all the Facebook friends in at once to like any page. Thank you so much for sharing this trick with us.

Wow like this trick facebook trick thanks for sharing bro with us.