December 26, 2015

Top 10 Amazing Factors Which Makes You A Well Established Successful Blogger


Top 10 factor which makes a successful blogger

In this post I am going to share practical strategies which makes you successful to the eyes of people in your blog-o-sphere, when do people accept you are successful and what the crazy factors. continue reading patiently.

#1. Building their own list (lead generation):

Yes. leads play a vital role in making you successful, if you take a look at successful blogger in-depth you will know that so called "GURU's" have a huge list of subscribers. GURU's follow these lead generation tactics:

Pop-ups tactic:

They buy paid plugins like OptinMonster, SumoMe, HelloBar etc... to make high quality pop-ups to generate leads. I am not going going to cover in-depth about pop-up tactics because it is off-topic

Optin-forms tactic:

They place optin-forms above the fold, below the post and in the sidebar to collect leads. I am not going going to cover in-depth about optin-form tactics because it is off-topic

Squeeze pages tactic:

They use high quality squeeze pages for generating tons of leads, squeeze page tactic is an evergreen effective method. I am not going going to cover in-depth about Squeeze page tactics because it is off-topic

eBooks tactic:

This one works as charm, I have experimented this strategy by just creating a simple ebook and i got crazy conversion rate. I am not going going to cover in-depth about eBook tactic because it is off-topic

A/B testing tactic:

This tactic is used to analyse which form (or) pop-up (or) squeeze page gives more conversion rate by experimenting variety of designs and using heatmap tools like CrazyEgg, Hotjar etc... I am not going going to cover in-depth about A/B testing tactics because it is off-topic

They invest cash on: 

  1. buying paid plugins and tools to make leads
  2. buying email marketing service like Aweber, INinbox & MailChimp
  3. buying premium optin forms (or) hiring a developer to create the desired optinforms & squeeze pages
  4. hiring a graphic designer (or) buying a fiverr gig for making professional looking ebook cover
  5. In some cases they hire a professional content writer to make a high quality ebook
  6. They buy heatmap tools like CrazyEgg, Hotjar etc...
Note: This tactic is worth spending every single penny because it will let you achieve your long term goals. you drive traffic to your blog, you can make affiliate sales out of them and you can utilize them with various techniques all you need is to provide them high quality useful content and be creative and unique.

Here is a video guide regarding list building:

 #2. Guest Posting:

Each and every successful blogger had done guest posting. submitting guest post on high quality authoritative blogs relevant to your niche will let you gain more exposure, reputation, traffic, backlinks. I allow guest posts on my blog. I am just revealing strategies but I am not gonna cover each and every segment of the strategies in this post itself. this strategy is beneficial and effective.

Here is a video regarding guest posting from Quicksprout

#3. Blog commenting:

Blog commenting is very effective strategy which I use to make others recognize my blog. I just drop 5-6 comments after publishing a post on different comluv enabled blogs related to my niche. this one is very makes people recognize my blog. by doing this I get quality backlinks and traffic as well. its not time consuming as guest posting as blog commenting. Guest posting and blog commenting will show serious dramatic change in SERP. I use this strategy to get my blog posts ranked on competitive keywords on top of the SERP.

Here is a video regarding blog commenting from Quicksprout

#4. Building their own products/tools/widgets/themes/Infographics:

This one will make you famous and if your product is awesome, people don't mind spending money on it. You can make money out of it, if you make it a free one then you can get dofollow backlinks at then end as "credits". this one is a way more profitable :)

Here is a video regarding how to build a successful product:

 #5. Attending Interviews:

This one happens only if you are worth for it. This one gives you more trust, exposure, traffic, fame, baclinks etc.. benifits. stay cool and answer the questions asked then it will make you a +ve personality to the eyes of people. Interviews has the power to change a normal person into a celebrity. In my point of view this one is also yet another factor which decides successful people.

Here is a video regarding attending interviews:

 #6. Sharing revenue income report:

This one is a damn factor which people consider to see whether a person is successful or not. you can see almost 90% of the gurus share their income report not just to show up but pour some motivation to the readers. people will get inspired by you

Here is a video from SmartPassiveIncome:

#7. Attending Webinars:

Hmm.. people who have good command over the voice and have good speaking skills and conduct webinars. One more main thing you must have great potential of knowledge over the topic which is conducted as webinar. As one of my blogger buddy named "Gaurav Jaggi do it" and he became a hot-shot to the eyes of people in the blog-o-sphere. There are lot of benefits in doing it you can ask him too but his main motive was to help people by conducting useful webinars.

#8. Branding & getting featured:

Getting featured in a blog roll (or) a list like "Top 10 blogger in india 2016" makes you famous. it really brands you. branding will earn you trust etc.... I am not gonna cover in-depth about branding here but if you're interested have a look at the below video:

#9. Engaging on forums & communities:

This one is definitely going to make you successful. you just have to engage with the community to get long term benefits, answer the queries solve the issues faced by people on forums related to your niche you can also make blog post related to the queries and get it promoted their on forums. this way its a win to win side for the readers and you. you will also get wide-range of benefits like targeted traffic, audience, trust, fame, backlinks, traffic etc...One of my buddy named "Iftekhar ahmed" runs an active secret facebook group where you can your get your queries solved :) and win super cool giveaways. According to me its a heaven for bloggers.

Here is a video regarding media engagement:

#10. Buying paid products & making a review about it:

Last but not least this one is also considered by people for choosing a successful blogger. according to them only successful people invest money buying paid products which are pretty much expensive. if you make a review you will obviously look successful to their eyes :) ! this one is also beneficial thing you can get cash for making paid reviews.

Here is a video regarding making high quality product reviews from Affilorama

Enjoy watching hand picked good videos by me. I am not going to make this post more lengthy and bore you. Thanks for reading till the end patiently, do drop your valuable comment and socialize this post if you think its worth it :)


All these factors are valuable and all work for improving the brand image of a blogger. Once a blogger establish itself as a brand, then things can really start working. It can literally change the situation. Thanks for arranging all these factors on a single page. :)

How incredible , so hopefully more successful blog ,, above trick I want to try to apply in my blog

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